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As a manager and consultant, I was involved in rebooting a number of large health care organisations (eg a number of ESF projects). I have experienced the thrill of transforming an organisation but I am not blind for the toll it might take on boards, managers and teams. What I bring to the table is modest wisdom built on both my leadership and coaching experience and above all curiosity and trust that the path forward will emerge. Importantly, the organisation and the people who work there need to own the change for it to get traction.


As a Sugarloaf consultant I help your organisation acknowledge what is, explore the wider context, identify new opportunities, rethink your vision and core strategy and devise an action plan. My approach is mainly based on systemic principles and appreciative inquiry (using what is sound and strong in the current situation as leverage). Whatever the task at hand, I focus on strengthening collaboration and personal leadership.


Stabilising and redesigning a major healthcare facility. As an external consultant I was brought in by the board to bring stability in an organization in turmoil. I started with an analysis of the situation as is. Using the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry values-mission-vision-strategy were revisited. A narrow and deep segment of the organisation (12 people) then proceeded to completely redesign the organisation structure bottom up following the principles of self-organising. During the redesign they worked on their personal leadership skills as they experienced that no matter what position they held in the organisation, they could contribute as equals.

What can you expect from me?
  • As an organisation you have access to my experience of both successes and failures.
  • I contract decision makers. I make sure that the entire organisation is on board at the start and during the process.
  • Goals that you agree on as an organisation will be clear and unambiguous, I will challenge you on that.
  • I will put your organisation en route to implementation. Together we create the best possible environment for the transformation to take hold.
“Clear is kind, unclear is unkind” Brené Brown

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