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I am in for deeper level thinking, looking beyond the usual. Every challenge has a message. I am an open spirit, inquisitive, resourceful, nimble and energetic, possibly a bit wild but always mild. I do not pretend to have the answers to every problem. However, as an explorer, I have the nerve, skills and tools to help you find a path and move forward.

A detailed CV can be found on LinkedIn.


I was awarded the Ashridge Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Coaching,incl. accreditation as executive coach.

I completed Fundamentals I and II in Systemic Coaching & Constellations (John Whittington, London) and I am currently on a pathway to becoming a Practioner.

I am certified partner in management drives.

Why Sugarloaf?

Change is the very essence of life. Organisations are living systems constantly moving and looking for a new balance. At times this is quite challenging. It takes courage, vision and above all a capacity to flow with a situation rather than force things to happen.

Sugarloaf, a rock in the Indian ocean off the coast of Western Australia, symbolizes that. The water is swirling, energizing, always fresh and new. It inspires. It makes one wonder what is beyond the horizon. The rock is weathered by many storms but it still stands strong. It represents experience, a solid base to venture from.

Sugarloaf is my family’s ‘finisterra’.

“The place where the ground turns to ocean. The place where your present turns into your future”.

— David Whyte 

Lieve Van de Walle – Founder

As managing partner of Sugarloaf, I help you, your team and/or your organization walk into your future. I bring insight, focus and encouragement. Accompanying you on your journey, I help you find and articulate a new perspective, the road that beckons. The journey is yours. I engage with you, listen without judgment, identify your needs and potential, challenge you, add variation, and thus help you on your way to explore new frontiers.

Interested in what I could do for you?